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Basic concept of core pins
The Castec Group consists of our main office and factory, Castec Inc., in Japan, Castec Corp. in the U.S.A.
Castec Inc. has been active in the die cast industry for over 45 years, and manufactures many types of parts. Our products, high quality core pins and inserts for die cast dies, are used world-wide. Our customers have not only reduced die maintenance costs, they have also improved their resulting die cast product quality.


Manufacturing core pins grew out of our original aluminum die cast business, and has developed to its current state of high technology over our forty-five years of die casting and tool-making. As a die caster ourselves we are well aware of our customers' needs. The die cast background and experiences of our company is truly one of our biggest advantages.
Die cast machines have became automated. Stoppage of an automated die cast machine can occur because of the failure of only one core pin. Any stoppage of an automated die cast line leads to significant increase of production cost. One often-non-quantified result of stoppage is delivery delay to customers, adversely affecting long-established customer/supplier relationships.
A part of Castec's quality control system is an inspection drawing, marked by our inspectors with dimensions, and is included with every shipment of core pins. Quality is assured, and customers can reduce or eliminate their receiving inspection.

Each customer's requirements are different, so Castec offers many choices such as core pin material, heat treatment, and coating method. Currently Castec is supplying on average 7000 different parts and 25000 total pieces per month, to over 700 customers worldwide.
In summary, as a result of our knowledge of die casting, latest model equipment, expert tool-makers, and our high overall tool-making technology, Castec delivers the best quality core pins and inserts, resulting in lower costs and higher productivity for our customers.

代表取締役 飯島雷治郎Thank you very much for your interest in our company.

Our objective is worldwide. Our technology has no boundaries.

Our company, Castec Inc., is aiming to become the world's largest supplier of core pins and inserts for die casting. Castec's original business was die casting, had forty-five-year career, so we know and understand the use of core pins and inserts.

As you know, die cast parts are used for creating a wide variety of products which are indispensable for our daily lives, such as automobiles, personal computers and cellular phones. Dies are the central tool for creating die cast parts and Castec's core pins and inserts are often intregal components of these dies.

Castec was founded in 1937, and we celebrated our 70th anniversary in 2002. In 1990 we moved to our current location in Kitasaitama, Saitama, Japan, just north of Tokyo. At that time our company' s name was changed to Castec, in part as an announcement of our new aim for sales and service worldwide.

Castec Corporation was established in Indiana, USA, in January, 1997, to serve our North American customers.

We achieved ISO-9001 certification in May 2000, a world-wide accepted quality control standard,
and ISO-14001 in June 2006,we have been working on quality improvement and environment
conservation activities.

The environment of automobile production has recently seen many changes involving use of aluminum. For example, due to increased use of aluminum engine weight is becoming ever lighter, and aluminum is increasingly being used for automobile body parts.

In response to customers' ever-changing and increasingly strict requirements, Castec Inc. is constantly pushing to meet their product and service demands. Thank you again.

April, 2007

Raijiro Iijima, President & CEO
Castec Inc.

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