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Alucast 2016 Exhibition & Conference 2016.09.05

We will join Alucast 2016 Exhibition & Conference at BIEC in Bangalore,
India from Dec.1-3, 2016.
Our booth is #B125.
We are looking forward to your visit!


NADCA Die Casting Congress & Tabletop 2016 2016.08.10

We will join NADCA die casting exhibition in Columbus, OH from Sep.26-28, 2016.
Our booth is #615.
We are looking forward to your visit!


NADCA Die Casting Congress & Tabletop 2014 2014.09.22

We will join NADCA die casting exhibition in Milwaukee, WI from Sep.22-24, 2014.
Our booth is #342.
We are looking forward to your visit!


ALUCAST 2014 in India 2014.06.16

We will join ALUCAST 2014 die casting exhibition in Bangalore, India
from Decenber 13 to 15.
We are looking forward to your visit!.

Euroguss 2014 2013.12.11

We will participate in the "Euroguss 2014" which will take place in Nuremberg, Germany from January 14th to 16th.
Euroguss is the largest exhibition in Europe for die casting where you can see newest technologies and products.
Castec booth# is Hall 7 Stand 722. We look forward to seeing you there.

ALUCAST 2012 in India 2012.11.21

We will join ALUCAST 2012 die casting exhibition in Greater Noida, India
from Decenber 13 to 15.
Our booth is #A55. We are looking forward to your visit!.

NADCA DieCastingCongress & Exposition 2012 2012.10.04

We will join NADCA die casting exhibition in Indianapolis, Indiana from October 8 - 10.
Our booth is #807. We are looking forward to your visit!.[Floorplan]

Euroguss 2012 2011.12.26

We will participate in the "Euroguss 2012" which will take place in Nuremberg, Germany from January 17th to 19th.
Euroguss is the largest exhibition in Europe for die casting where you can see newest technologies and products.
Castec booth# is Hall 7 Stand 428. We look forward to seeing you there.


Our efforts to the Proficiency Measurement 2010.10.04

As an expert manufacturer of die parts, CASTEC strives to provide excellent quality and cost performance.
In order to explore new fields, along with the technology that meets the exact requirements of further precision, our employees are a vital resource.
CASTEC encourages employees to secure qualifications of the Japanese National Skill Examinations.
Certifications of each employee help them drive ongoing personal advancement.
This year, 6 engineers passed the skill exam and total number of the qualified employees is as follows:

CASTEC is keeping this challenge alive and encouraging all our personnel to develop their skills, which enable customers to raise productivity, reduce costs, and improve quality,


Participating Timber Growing Project 2010.03.31

As part of contribution to society,we have participated in the "timber growing project" which was
held in our community.In this activity, we have planted 750 trees of 18 different kinds that include
Quercus serrata and Quercus myrsinaefolia.In the years ahead, we are planning on protecting
this timber by keeping maintenancing.


Cast Expo ‘10 2010.03.19

We will join CastExpo’10 in Orlando, Florida from March 20 - 23.
Our booth is #2111. We are looking forward to your visit!


Euroguss 2010 2009.12.23

We will join EUROGUSS 2010, 8th International tradeshow for Die casting,
in Nürnberg, Germany from January 19 – 21 of 2010.
Our booth is # 7-343 at Hall 7.
We are looking forwards to your visit!
For more info about the show please check:


9th Auto Expo in India 2007.11.29
We will join 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi, India, from January 10 – 17 of 2008.
Our booth is No2 at Hall 1-B. We are looking forwards to your visit!

◇Floor Map◇


Cast Expo ‘08 2007.10.02
We will join CastExpo’08 in Georgia Atlanta from May 17 - 20.
Our booth is #1143. We are looking forwards to your visit!


Euroguss 2006 2006.03.03
We exhibit at the EUROGUSS in Nürnberg,
the 6th International tradeshow for Die casting.
Visit us!
You will find us from 7. - 9. March 2006 in Hall 12,
booth # 12 - 223.
We are looking forwards to your visit!
For more info about the show please check:

2003 NADCA Show. 2003.10.20
The show was held September 15-17 in Indianapolis Indiana, three days this year instead of the previous shows’ four days. Even so, the show seemed not as busy as the shows before the 911 tragedy. We again give our thanks to the customers who visited our booth.

Over the last three years the Indianapolis downtown area has seen many changes. The Promnard Bridge, a wide pedestrian walkway over the White River to the Indianapolis Zoo, has been completed. Walking through the city past the Art Museum, Natural History Museum, convention hall, stadiums, town hall, parks, and canals is even more enjoyable now. I hope everyone can enjoy a visit to Indianapolis.

Castec Participation at the GIFA Trade Show 2003.07.11
The GIFA trade show was held June 16 through June 21, 2003, in Germany. GIFA is the biggest metals-related trade show in the world and is held once every 4 years in Dusseldorf. Our Castec booth was in the 3# building, which was the location for die-casting related companies.

People from companies from over 30 countries stopped at the CASTEC, many showing much interest and asking many questions. Most importantly we saw representatives from many current customers. We offered newly produced and re-designed Castec brochures in German, French, Italian, Spanish, English and Japanese.

The show was hectic for us, and not just because of the many visits we received. One of the biggest die-cast machine makers, right across the aisle from our booth, featured loud music and professional dance performers throughout each day.

A big reception party was held the last evening. Tickets for the party cost 25 euros and covered all food and music entertainment. About two hundred performers put on various shows simultaneously on several stages. Foods from many countries were offered on scattered buffet tables. Also famous German beer (at one euro per glass) was served. Everyone enjoyed!

Many diemakers visited our booth, some were new to us. An overall impression - the diecast industry around the world is large and vibrant!

Ordered Parts Tracking System 2003.07.11
A new service for Castec customers is now being offered at our website - an ordered parts tracking system. Each customer will be assigned a password and ID number. Then they can: 1 - confirm their order has been entered, 2 - confirm which parts were ordered, 3 - confirm shipping schedule.

NADCA Trade Show 2003.07.11
The North American Die Cast Association bi-annual show will be held from September 15 through 18, 2003, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Please visit us at the Castec booth #725.

New Representative for Scandinavia 2003.06.13
We have recently appointed Procast AB as Castec representative for the Scandinavian market. This company started in the die casting field in 1999 and serves about 80% of all die casters in this area. We, at Castec are proud to work with this well-known company and are convinced it will be beneficial for our Scandinavian customers.

Castec Brochures 2003.06.13
CASTEC S.A. has recently been established in Switzerland.
As a result of this occasion and our upcoming participation in the June GIFA trade show in Dusseldorf, we have completed our German and French languages Castec brochures.
The Castec brochure will soon be available in Italian. The English version also has been updated.
We look forward to communicating to our customers in Europe how Castec products can reduce costs and improve productivity.

Participation in GIFA trade show
CASTEC INC. will participate in the world's largest exhibition for raw and forming materials, and casting, GIFA, which will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany. The show will run for six days from June 16th through 21st, 2003. This is the first time for CASTEC to exhibit at GIFA. Over 800 companies from about 40 countries will exhibit. The exhibition hall area is 46,000 square meters, and about 100,000 people are expected to attend the GIFA show.

Our CASTEC booth number will be No.3C04, in Hall 3, on the Rhine River side.

We you are invited to visit our booth at the GIFA show in Dusseldorf !


Castec received ISO-9002 certification June 2000
Castec received ISO-9001 certification March 2003
Our ISO certifications are only a part of the great efforts we at CASTEC are making to continue improving product quality, with the goal of achieving full customer satisfaction.

Our website has been substantially revised.
We want more customers around the world to know about Castec, so we are providing information in German and English as well as in Japanese.


Castec Exhibits At the 2001 North American Die Cast Association ( NADCA ) Trade Show

The first Castec participation at a NADCA show was in 1995 at Indianapolis, Indiana. Since then, Castec Inc. has participated three times. The most recent was October 2001, in Cincinnati, right after the September 11th terrorist attacks. Because of the unrest at the time, foreign companies' participation was much less than at the previous NADCA shows. The Japan Die Cast Association canceled their tours of American die cast companies. Although attendance at the 2001 show was somewhat down, we at the Castec booth enjoyed warm shaking of hands with many old friends and new customers. We appreciate very much that many people stopped and showed interest in Castec.

History of NADCA SHOW

The 1st time Detroit-Michigan ,1991
The 2nd time Cleveland-Ohio ,1993
The 3rd time Indianapolis-Indiana ,1995
The 4th time Minneapolis-Minnesota ,1997
The 5th time Cleveland-Ohio ,1999
The 6th time Cincinnati-Ohio ,2001
The next time Indianapolis-Indiana

North American Die Cast Association ( NADCA ) >>Details:

Castec's exhibit at the 2002 International Die Cast Show in Germany

Comparing to the previous show held in 2000, there were more exhibitors and more attendees at the 2002 show, and the exhibit area seemed seemed over-full. As at the NADCA show, visitors were able to see the most advanced die cast technology at this show. Ideas were presented for many pending issues such how to make lighter weight cars, conserve energy, and reduce emissions from cars. We learned that a large proportion of functional parts can be created using a combination of aluminum flat and extruded materials, as well as other materials. There was a sizable display of many large size die cast products, which attracted many viewers. The show gave us a strong impression of highly advanced and competitive die cast technology.

Our subsidiary Castec GmbH was founded in Germany in January 2001. We are actively providing our customers in Europe with high quality core pins and inserts, helping them reduce costs and improve productivity.


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