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Our Approach to Quality, Price & Delivery

ISO9001 & Quality Assurance

Castec handles requirements for a wide range of different products, number around 8000 varieties per month. In order to provide a wide variety of completely made-to-order products in small lots, we have established a flexible production structure and rigorous quality control. We implement a 100% complete and comprehensive inspection on the basis of ISO9001, and include measurement data upon delivery.
Additionally, we are able to provide traceability that spans the previous three years. We guarantee reliable quality to ensure customers they can use their products with peace of mind from the day they receive them.


ISO9001 Initiatives

Quality Policy

“Refine our technology and quality to meet customers’ needs”

Technological capabilities to deliver added value to customers

The origin of Castec’s core pin and insert manufacturing can be found in its 45-year history of die casting.
We are able to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of our customers for high-precision cooling holes, complex shapes, machining of difficult-to-cut materials, and combinations of a range of surface treatments.
Leveraging the experience we have built up through die casting, we use advanced technology and cutting-edge facilities to achieve stability and a high level of quality.
And through proactive in-house training and technical proficiency examination system, we strive on a daily basis to further improve the skills of our staff.


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