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Core pins

Core Pins (Core Pins for Die Casting) / Cooling Holes

Core Pins

From small pins for wristwatches to large pins for use in transmissions, meter-long pins, Castec manufactures pins by leveraging the comprehensive knowledge of its experts.
Castec is able to adeptly machine steel, whose dimensions change when subjected to heat, and ensure dimensional accuracy for a range of surface treatments.

Core Pins for Die Casting)

Completely straight precision stop holes down to 1.5 mm in diameter

Castec has the technology to machine completely straight fine holes up to 280mm in depth at φ1.5mm and up to 440mm in depth at φ2 mm (up to 600mm at φ3, up to 700mm at φ4, and 750mm at φ5) in lathed metal.

As we have the technology to manufacture holes with wall thickness as thin as 0.7mm and to apply coating to inner holes, we are able to offer a wide range of shapes. As well as stop holes we can also deal with requirements for through holes, eccentric holes, and holes in angular shapes.


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